Creating the most successful DonateLife Week Campaign ever


Upstride is thrilled to have helped the Australian Government achieve its most successful DonateLife Week ever in 2021 – which no doubt will help save many lives

Upstride worked closely with the Federal Government’s Organ and Tissue Authority to create and deliver the incredibly successful DonateLife Week PR campaign in July 2021.


To August 2021, more than 100,000 Australians had registered for the first time as organ and tissue donors, encouraged by our creative and targeted media, social media and advertising efforts.


Our three-week campaign centred on targeting those eligible to register, but hadn’t – young Australians, indigenous Australians, those from CALD backgrounds and the general community.


We placed a spotlight on the fact there are 13 million Australians eligible to register who hadn’t, and created a clear numerical goal of attracted 100,000 new registrations to help build campaign momentum.


Our resulting data-led PR campaign provided people with a practical and compelling case to register.


Our work included:


  • Creating and executing the campaign PR strategy

  • Crafting compelling data-led messaging

  • National and niche publicity

  • Media partnership editorial management – News Corp

  • Ministerial media content and briefings

  • Advertising – media buy: SCA radio, Daily Mail Australia, Facebook/Instagram

  • Key asset production – Supporter Kit, Ambassador Kit, Media Kit

  • Ambassador-led content

  • Social media content

  • Collaborative working with MakeMate creative agency (campaign creative - The Great Registration Race), Pixel24 (video), Studio Elevenses (graphic design) and all DonateLife state and territory communication representatives.


With 514 million media impressions, DonateLife Week 2021 achieved an unseen level of success.