Launching and growing Naboso Australia through multichannel marketing


From creating a launch marketing strategy to ongoing influencer management, event creative, advertising and social content creation

Naboso Australia offers specialist and unique textured insoles and mats inspired by barefootscience. Naboso products are designed to reduce foot pain, assist with neurological conditions and improve athletic performance.

Naboso Australia is the major local distributor for international company, Naboso Technology, led by New York-based podiatrist and movement specialist Dr Emily Splichal.

Upstride was engaged by Naboso Australia in 2018 to create a launch marketing strategy, design and develop its new website and establish its social channels.

Our launch campaign began at Australia’s biggest fitness show - FILEX in Sydney -with an ambassador search for individuals who best represented Naboso’s values.

Australian paratriathlete Liam Twomey and exercise physiologist Veronika Larisova were selected from the many who applied to become Naboso’s brand ambassadors and ongoing influencers.

Upstride created Naboso’s localised brand by drawing upon the visual identity of the international parent company. We designed pull up banners, a media wall, online and print media ads and a range of fact sheets, brochures and print products.

Over 2018 and 2019, Upstride worked closely with Naboso Australia and its sales manager to build its brand profile, manage its social media accounts and influencers, and to produce regular content for these channels and the website.

Facebook and Instagram ads – including a short animation we created - generated thousands of clickthroughs and helped Naboso Australia meet its sales objectives for its insoles and mats.